Key Factors to Consider When Buying Control Cables in India

The use of control cables has tremendously increased at present. It is widely used in industries for regulating machines, transmitting signals, and controlling different industrial devices. All this has led to an increase in the number of manufacturers and suppliers. But being one of the crucial cables for several industrial applications, it is advised to buy them from a reliable control cable manufacturer. We always recommend going for Paraflex, which is one of the most reputed manufacturers of these cables.

But buying them alone from a reputed manufacturer is not a guarantee of buying the best control cables. That is why, in this blog, we are sharing a few key factors that one must consider when buying control cables in India.

Types of Control Cables

According to the variety of applications, the type of control cables varies. When buying one, it is always better to consider the purpose for which you are buying the control cables so that you can find the right type of control cable. However, not every control cable manufacturer keeps all types of control cables. But when buying from manufacturers like Paraflex, one will find all, including power cables, signal cables, instrumentation cables, and others.

Conducting and Insulating Material of Control Cables

Conduction and Insulation of any cables are crucial and that is why when buying one, it is essential to determine these. For excellent conductivity, going for aluminum conductors is considered best. It not only offers right kind of conductivity but is also one of the budgeted options to consider. Similarly, when looking for insulators, one should go for XLPE or PVC. They are best to use with different types of temperatures and are suitable when exposed to different types of chemicals as well.

Ensure its compliance with industry standards

At present, the market is flooded with many cable manufacturers. However, not every control cable manufacturer focuses on the industry standards when manufacturing these cables. That is why it is told to go for certified manufacturers who strictly adhere to every industry standard and offer high-performing control cables. Ensure that the manufacturer meets all the safety standards as well, as these cables are used in power industries as well. Control cables that are manufactured by following all the standards are reliable and long-lasting.

Other than checking these key factors, it is also essential to check the temperature rating, voltage rating, and outer sheathing of the control cables. To get complete details about it, one can also enquire from the control cable manufacturer. However if you do not wish to compromise with the quality it is best to go for Paraflex Cables which is known for its quality, performance, and cost.


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