Factors to Consider When Investing in XLPE Power Cable

XLPE Power Cable

Among the various types of power cables available in the market, XLPE Power Cable is also one and is highly popular in the Indian market. These cables are fabricated using thermoset material which makes them a reliable option for power distribution both overhead and underground. The versatile use of these cables helps one use them in different industries like the power distribution industry, automotive industry, electronics industry, aerospace industry, telecommunication industry, and several others.

But when it comes to buying these cables, one must be aware of what factors to consider to buy the right XLPE cables for your application. In this blog, we are sharing all the required factors that are necessary to consider when buying XLPE Power Cables.

Insulation of the cable matters

One of the major reasons why XLPE Power cables are in demand is the insulation offered by them. The presence of highly reliable thermal and electrical properties makes them suitable for use in several electrical installations. It is one such cable that is suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor applications for long-term use. The resistivity to UV rays, harsh weather conditions, and moisture offered by these cables make them perfect to go for. All these things are possible only due to the cross-linked polyethylene plastic insulation used in these cables.

Ask about the conducting material and size

XLPE Power Cable comes with either copper or aluminum conductor wire according to the applications they are required. When picking one, always consider the application for which you require the XLPE Power Cable. Be it for industrial use or for residential use, checking the compatibility of the conducting material along with the application is essential. Other than the conducting material, one must also check the conducting size. The applications where high power is required, a large conductor size is needed to handle the current loads with ease.

Check the voltage rating in advance

Before investing in XLPE Power Cables, it is better to check the voltage rating. When these cables are used in industrial applications, they require a high voltage rating. However, when used for personal or residential use, a low voltage rating is enough. Using high voltage rating XLPE cables for residential applications will end up damaging the appliances due to high voltage. Do not forget to match the voltage rating according to the purpose for which you are buying XLPE cables.

Type of XLPE Power Cable

XLPE Power cables are of different types and are used accordingly in multiple applications. From Armored XLPE cable to Unarmored XLPE cable, single core XLPE Cable to multiple core XLPE cable, one should check it according to their requirement. These cables are also segregated according to whether they are used for overhead transmission or they are used for underground installation.

Other than checking these factors, it is also essential to ask the XLPE Power Cable manufacturer about the temperature rating and sheathing of these cables. To invest in reliable and durable quality XLPE cables, we recommend going for Paraflex Wires and Cables. All the cables supplied by Paraflex are known for their exceptional quality and are available with warranty and at highly affordable prices.


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