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Paraflex Journey

Our Milestone

  • Year 1973 (The Early Years)

    The Early Years- The Journey of milestones begins with the first step, and KLJ Paraflex started its remarkable journey in 1973. With just two labors and Rs. 20,000, Late Mr. Shri Kishan Lal Jain laid the foundation stone of a company that is now the epitome of quality wires and cables.
  • Year 1974

    Officially the company started its operations in 1974. Starting the journey at a minuscule scale never deterred Late Mr. Kishan Lal Jain from taking bigger leaps, and with his arduous efforts and long-term vision, the company started unfurling its wings.
  • Year 1979

    Later in 1979, Ashok Jain became the wind under the wings of Mr. Kishan Lal Jain and Sons, and with his astute vision and hard work, he founded Kishan Lal Jain and Sons with high exactitude, thus making it one of the leading companies. He also held the important position of treasurer with the Small Wire Drawing Association.
  • Year 1980

    1980 was a remarkable year for Mr. Kishan Lal Jain And Sons, and the company got a copper quota in MMTC. With their efforts and vision to establish a strong foothold in the industry, Mr. Ashok Jain continued to implement new changes and innovations that can usher a wave of positive transformation in the company.
  • Year 1989

    The company also got the support of Mr. Pawan Lal Jain, who joined in 1989. Gifted with the judicious business trait, he held the responsibility of the accounts and the production department.
  • Year 2003-2011

    Kishan Lal Jain and Sons also got the catalytic support of Mr. Rahul Jain, who then held the responsibility of the production department between 2003 and 2011.
  • Year 2011 (The new wave of change)

    The new wave of change- Officially in the year 2011, the new generation of the family decided to take the name of the company on a national platform and hence created a brand Paraflex. The objective was to make Paraflex synonymous with quality cables, and they succeeded in doing so.
  • Year 2013

    (Innovation and Transformation)
    Innovation and Transformation- KLJ Paraflex is known for its UNI-R wires, launched in 2013. The triple layer and triple PVC coated wire are highly durable and are one of a kind in the market. These are reliable in terms of quality and performance
  • Year 2014 - 2017

    Presently the business is helmed by new-fangled industrialist Mr. Akash Jain (2014) and Mr. Peeyush Jain (2017). In 2017 the company also launched armored cables expanding its product line.
  • Year 2018

    The Present and the future- The growing demand for Paraflex wire motivated the company to establish itself as a limited company, and in 2018, it went ahead to form KLJ PARAFLEX INDIA LTD.

  • Year 2021

    To expand its production facility and establish itself as a hallmark brand, the production unit was shifted to Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, in 2021. And now Paraflex is a trusted wires and cables brand in India, as well as globally. The company continues to explore the new ways of improving its wires and cables and make itself stand ahead of its contemporaries.
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