Best Wires for Your Project

Project wire & cable, Best wire for projects

The choice of the best wires depends entirely on the application of the wire. There are multiple types of wires and cables available in the Indian market. Sometimes, it gets overwhelming to figure out the best one. But often, the application of the wire plays the primary determinant. Here are some of the most used wire types that are best suited for your projects:

NM Cable

If you are looking for a suitable cable for interior use, this may be the best-suited one. The only consideration is it is ideal for use in dry areas. NM stands for non-metallic. It is an intricate circuit wiring that is used explicitly for house wiring. The wires are solid and highly functional, with a suitable safety quotient. It has a flattened tubular shape that is ideal for domestic use. They can run invisibly through ceilings or walls and even home cavities.

Low Voltage Wires

These cables and wires require less than 50 volts. These 12 to 22-gauge wires are highly functional and practical in variegated applications. They are insulated and can be used in combination with other wire types. One of the primary reasons for its popularity is the low-cost operation.

UF Cables

They are best suited for underground or outdoor fixtures. It is a metallic cable type that works best in outdoor wet locations. It can be directly buried in the ground and supplies well to outdoor fixtures like lamp posts. These are insulated wires to tolerate heat or water.

Whether replacing the primitive wiring system at home or planning wiring for your new home, it is crucial to choose the wires wisely. Different types of wires are ideal for dry and wet locations. At the same time, the need for wires varies according to the voltages in use or the gadgets they are connected to. Stick to the best wire brands, and consult with professionals before investing in the wires.

Paraflex – Best Wire Manufacturer

Paraflex is India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of premium quality domestic and industrial wires. The brand is committed to creating top-notch wires for various domestic and industrial projects. Paraflex has been a top tier in the market for many years, and by now, it has established a brand name like none other. Electrical safety and savings on your bills are the two prime mottos of Paraflex. Give your space the best wires and cables at the most affordable prices with Paraflex.

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