How to Choose the Best Wire Brand For Your New House?

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When we get our new house built, we want everything to be in place. We aspire every component of the house, right from the wall colors to the house wirings, to be picture perfect. But one thing that should top the list is the house’s safety. The house must be safe for all the people who love it. There comes the need for a safe house wiring system that is possible through the usage of products from the best wire brands in India.

People often get confused about choosing the best wire brand for their new house. Here are 4 essential factors to keep in mind when choosing the best house wiring brand for your abode:

1.   Quality

Undoubtedly, this is the primary and most important factor when choosing any wiring brand. The wire brand that you choose must be authentic, like Paraflex, and cater to you with nothing but the best. While buying, ensure the wires are properly insulated, made with top-class materials, and also reflect a good finishing.

2.   Purity of Materials

As you must know, in recent days, it is necessary to use house wires if no other material but pure copper. When choosing ga wiring brand, ensure that they manufacture all their products only with pure industry-grade copper. Thick class 2 multigrade copper is a great electrical conductor and enhances the strength of the house wires.

3.   Insulation

Insulation of the house wires is primarily important to render them safe and maintain the overall safety of the house wiring. There are generally 3 types of insulation coverings :

  • FR – Flame Retardant Insulation
  • UFFR – Ultra Flexible Flame Retardant Electrical Wires and Cables
  • ZHFR – Zero Halogen Flame Retardant Electrical Wires and Cables

Each of these has its unique insulation properties to ensure house wiring safety. Choose nothing but the best from Paraflex – the leading house wiring brand in India.

4.    Materials Used

The wires that you use to set up the wiring of your new house must be made of premium quality PVC that comes with suitable insulation against fire and other mechanical aberrants. They should maintain proper industry-guided temperature index and dielectric strength to make sure that the wires are safe to use and can facilitate the working of appliances in the best possible way.

It is also important to choose an eco-friendly and sustainable wire brand such as Paraflex.

Why is  Paraflex the Best Choice for Wiring?

Paraflex is a leading brand for the manufacture and supply of Electrical wires and cables. Parflex is certainly one of the brightest names among the best wire brands in India. The brand offers a wide variety of wires and cables designed to suit the recent needs for s safer and smarter world.

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