Cost- effective House Wiring with Top 10 House Wires in India

Top 10 house wire in India

Cost plays a massive role in our everyday purchase decisions. Whether in the household or office space, we like to cut the cost as much as possible through various means and ways. Electricity bills can sometimes burn holes in your pocket and add to the operational costs of any organization.

By choosing wires and cables from the top 10 house wires in India, companies like Paraflex can prevent electricity bills from touching the sky and save money in the long run. Let us explore how:

Traditional Wires Have Less Current-Carrying Capacity 

Every wire has a specific current carrying capacity. Like, a 0.75mm traditional wire from a normal brand carries the current capacity of 6 amps. If you choose the wires and cables from the best house wire manufacturers like Uni-R wire by Paraflex, the current-carrying capacity is 10 amps. That means at the same price, you can get wires that carry more current. This shall lead to a reduction in long-term electricity costs.

Triple PVC Layer Covering 

Paraflex’s electrical wires like Uni-R come with a triple-layer PVC layering, unlike the traditional layers with a single layer of covering. The triple-layer PVC covering prevents the floating oxygen in the wires, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of electricity and connectivity. These wires are durable and have a longer shelf life.

At the same time, it highly adheres to the electricity safety protocols preventing the possible damage to any electronic appliances. Uni-R wire from Paraflex is a unique wire with a twisted internal structure, unlike traditional wires with open copper ends.

Best Wire Quality

In the commercial space, house wires are usually available in two ratios – 90 meters and 180 meters. It is a general trend to buy the 180-meter wire to save costs – lower costs in bulk orders. However, there is one issue that people tend to ignore – quality. For example, the 180-meter wire pack costs less than the 90 meters wire pack but has an inferior quality.

However, if you choose Uni-R by Paraflex, one of the best among the top 10 house wires in India, the 90 meters and the 180 meters pack have the exact per-unit pricing without any compromise in quality in the 180 meters pack.

Paraflex – The Best Choice

Paraflex is one of the best of the top 10 house wires. Keep your house safe, and your electricity costs are nominal with Uni-R from Paraflex. Explore their other functional range of cost-effective wires and bid farewell to the loopholes of traditional wiring.

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