Safety Precautions for Your House Wiring

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We hear of frequent deaths due to electrical shocks. But little do we know that such unwanted incidents can be minimized and mitigated if we adhere to certain simple and basic safety precautions. The first of which is to choose good quality wires and cables from trusted top 10 house wire in India companies like Paraflex.

Let us understand a bit more about the other safety precautions to de-risk your space from chances of electrical hazards:

Grounding for All Domestic Appliances

If there is any loss of the insulation sheath in the internal wiring system of the house, accidents are bound to happen. Thus any appliance that has a metal housing must be grounded. To aid the process, it is advised to use green-yellow wires. Grounding will prevent metal energizing and also ensures that even if any electrical part touches the metal bodies, the energy gets discharged to the ground immediately, preventing the onset of an accident.

Maintain Safe Distance Between Electrical Sockets

There should always be a safe distance between two consecutive electrical sockets and, most importantly, between an electrical socket and a water source. The problems usually arise in the washrooms where lights and socket plugs are located in the vicinity of water sources. There are heavy risks associated with short circuits and electrocution in such scenarios. In the case of jacuzzis and bathtubs with some electrical devices, it is mandatory to ensure accurate Ingress Protection.

Thus, make sure you maintain proper safety measures to protect yourselves and your loved ones from any mishaps.

Use  Wires and Cables Only from the Trusted Brands

When buying cables and wires, one should always buy a copper cable with proper insulation. Proper insulation means the ones that comply with 8130 for insulation. Any wire that is made of aluminum must be avoided. In this regard, consumers must also have an idea about single-core and double-core wires. Usually, what is used for household purposes is single-core copper wire. But for the wiring of the plugs and heavy electrical appliances, multiple core insulated wires are used.

Other than these norms,  there are various other IS-determined norms, such as using the C1 category of PVC insulation for making the wires fire retardant. To get the best wires and cables and stay protected, always choose wires from the Top House Wire Manufacturers such as Paraflex.

Why Choose Paraflex?

Paraflex is a leading wire and cable manufacturer in India that supplies customers with premium quality wires built according to internationally acclaimed safety standards. Now avail best house wires at the most affordable prices with Parafalex – one of the top 10 house wire in India company.

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