Industrial Cable Types and Their Uses

Industrial cable

Modern-day industries have customized needs for wires and cables to meet their specific work demands. The industrial needs of wires and cables vary considerably from domestic needs. Paraflex is set to provide customers with the advanced and multi-functional industrial cables and wires. Let us have a look at the various types of Industrial cables and their uses:

  • Housing Wires: It is widely used in the construction and interior decor industry. As the name suggests, these wines are used in domestic spaces such as residences or corporate offices.
  • Industrial Wire Upto 400sq mm: These wires are ideal for use with any gadgets or equipment. They have flexible cords with a copper center.
  • Multicore Round Cables up to 91 core: Used in heavy equipment such as cooling units and motors. They are ideally used for running various heavy machinery in industries.
  • Three/ Four Core Flat Cables: PVC insulated cables and wires are mostly used for pump connections. The covering s a sheath to protect the inner core from external physical aberrations.
  • Aluminum Cables up to 50 sq mm core: They have a greater cross-section area and pass higher current than copper wires, but the advantage is that they are lighter than copper wires.
  • Co-Axial Cables: They are used to transmit radio frequency signals. They are greatly used for computer networking.
  • CCTV Cables: Various cables are used to aid CCTV surveillance, such as RCA Plug, Play cable, and CAT5 Cable. They can directly transmit signals to observe the CCTV video in your NVR and DVR.
  • Speaker Cables: As the name suggests, they connect speakers with amplifiers. The event management industries need this type of cable most of the time.
  • Camera Wires: Security camera cables like Ethernet and Siamese are used for security purposes.

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