Features to Look for in Good Quality Wire

Good Quality Wires

Do you need clarification on the characteristics to prioritise while choosing the best wires for your house or workspace? Here are some of the features to consider when choosing a good-quality wire:

Built Material

There is a lifetime conflict between the built materials of wires – which one is better, copper or aluminium? Copper is undoubtedly one of the best materials for electrical conductance and wire construction. Because copper has the highest known conductivity. Aluminium wires are cheaper than copper wires because they are lighter. However, copper is always the best material when considering the long-term benefits and safety of conduction.

Electrical Wire Armour

Shielding the electrical wires is imperative to ensure the safety of conduction and the well-being of the wires for a long time. Armour on electrical wires keeps them safe from any physical damage. A good quality wire features non-conducting steel or tape armours that insulate the external surface of the wires, protecting the conductors within and ensuring safety. Electrical Wires with suitable armours do not need regular maintenance and have a long life.

Fire and Water Resistance

A good quality wire should revolve around premium safety to avoid electrical hazards. Safety is the highest attribute that any electrical wire should possess. Needless to say, you cannot label anything as a good quality wire until it is fire and water-resistant. Choose the best range of fire and water-resistant premium quality wire from Paraflex. Your expensive appliances need safety more than anything, and only a good quality wire can guarantee the same.

Conduction Capacity

Apart from all the other attributes, the one aspect that truly makes a wire functional is its current carrying capacity. It is imperative to choose a good quality wire that has high strength of current carrying capacity. Cables can be placed in any position, high up or even below the ground, and it is fundamental to choose something that works best in all conditions.

Which is the Most Reliable Brand for Good Quality Wires?

Paraflex is one of the leading manufacturers of a plethora of good quality wire. The brand has been upgrading its standards ever since its inception. Paraflex believes in delivering nothing but the best. Premium wires of all genres from Paraflex are one of the best investments. Wires from Paraflex are beneficial in the long run. Avail of the best wires from Paraflex, experience savings on electricity bills, and ensure the safety of your space with premium quality wires from


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