Basic Elements and Types of House Wire You Must Know

House wire manufacturers in India promote their products as fire and shockproof. Customers need to understand some basics about electrical house wiring to choose the safe wire for home. After all, choosing the right wiring for the house is essential as even a minor error can be critical and very hazardous. To help customers find the right house wire manufacturers and their products, explore some elements before you deal with house wiring.

Basic Elements

House wires come with some basic components such as panelboard, service entry, and branch circuits.

Service entry – The role of service entry is to connect your house to the main grid. Install this point at least ten feet higher than the ground level in order for preventing it from contact with water or any contact.
Panel board – The panel board in house wiring is considered the nerve center. It features all the controls. Hence, whenever you happen to toggle the power supply, you can use the panel board.
Branch circuits – When it comes to cutting the power of a particular area, branch circuits come to play a major role. It is therefore important to install branch circuits strategically.

Good House Wire Manufacturers can help you by offering a lot of products to ensure proper installation of electrical house wiring i.e. Safe wire for home. The wiring should be done by experts aka electricians to do this job safely.

Types of Wires

In house wiring, usually, five types of wires are used.

1. Triples wire – This type of wire is used to connect to the main electricity supply people.
2. Main Feeder Wires- These wires are THHN. They come out of the service head.
3. Panel feed wires – Panel feed wires are designed to work against the rising amperes. They help protect the wire.
4. Non-metallic sheathed wire – It is the most commonly used wire. You can use them in our house.
5. Single strand wire – This type of wire is featured to be used in the case of piped homes.

These are the most common wires that are used in houses. You should always pick the right brand of wires.


There are many house wire manufacturers wherein you can get a wide range of Safe wire for home. But, you need to be more than careful. After all, safety is paramount. Make sure you choose the right company in order to pick the right Safe wire for home.

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