Different Household Wiring Materials and their uses

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A good wiring system is needed in every house. To have a safe wiring system at Project wire & cable is as important as getting additional security units installed. To make sure that the wiring system at your home is safe and secure, there are two essential things that you need to do.

The first is choosing the right kind of wires or cables for the project wire & cable. You can make a decent choice by knowing a little bit about different wires and cables. The second is identifying the current wiring at your place to understand where it belongs and what it does.

Below are some of the most commonly used household wiring materials and their uses.

1. NM Cable

NM cable is often referred to as a Romex, as per the famous NM cable selling brand name. NM cable is one of the circuit wires that are used for interior wiring in dry locations of a place. NM cables are known for their flat tubular shape.

This shape of NM cable makes it easy for it to go through walls, ceilings, and floor cavities without standing out much. NM cable is the go-to wiring material for outlets and wiring fixtures. NM cable is one of the most dangerous wiring materials to handle in a running circuit.

2. UF (Underground Feeder) Cable

Known for its use in wet locations and ground, the underground feeder is a nonmetallic cable used for multiple usages. Providing outdoor fixtures with the required electric supply is the common use of UF cable. This cable is used for handling heavy voltages, in major circuit wirings.

UF cable consists of neutral and insulated hot wires, along with an additional bare ground wire. It is sheathed with solid plastic, which is usually gray in color.

3. Low-Voltage Wire

As the name suggests, low-voltage wires are used to serve circuits that consist of a voltage of 50 volts or less. Some of its most common types include:

  • Landscape Lighting Wires
  • Doorbell Wires
  • Sprinkler System connecting wires
  • Thermostat wires
  • Speaker system wires.

The size of this wire ranges from anywhere between 12 and 22 gauge. They are mostly used in either a combined form, as in a lamp cord wire, or in singular form, as in cable sheathing.

Final Note

Choosing the appropriate wiring material gets easy when you have a brief idea about the topic. There are many different quality wiring materials present in the marketplace. But you can get the wires for your house from Paraflex, the leading manufacturer of Project wire & cable.

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