Best Cable Wire Company Names of India

Best wire company name

With so many wire and cable companies around, it is indeed difficult to choose the best one. When it comes to wires and cables, we try choosing nothing but the best. But it is time you sit back and pause for a moment to think, what is it that actually makes a wire company the best? Today, we are going to discuss about what are the essential features of the reputed wire companies in India and how have they got enlisted for the Best Cable Wire Company Names in India.


  1. Wire Quality

Wire quality is the fundamentally crucial aspect that makes wire companies gain their position in the industry. The performance and safety standards of the wires makes all the difference. The materials and technology used for manufacturing the wires are vital for the brand to stand out as the best.


  1. Insulation

Insulation of the wires are somewhat closely related to the wire safety. The safety parameters of the wire make a huge difference between the average and the best wires. There are various safety and insulation standards currently followed in the industry, some of the most important of which are:

FR – Fire Retardation Standard

HRFR – Heat Resistance Fire Retardant

HFFR – Halogen Free Flame Retardant

FR – LSH – Flame Retardant Low Smoke Halogen

These are some essential standards ensuring the safety of the wires and the space they will be present in.

  1. The wires should follow the electrical color-coding format followed in India and most importantly should be compatible with the usual wire and gauge sizes standards. This makes the wires easily adaptable.


  1. Eco Friendly – Sustainability is the new key. An ideal wire and cable company should have the eco- friendly and sustainable approach for manufacture and supply of the wires.


Paraflex – Your Ideal Wiring Partner

Paraflex is one of the most renowned best cable wire company names in India. The brad has been actively working to manufacture and supply premium quality wires and cables atanaffordable price. The best part about Paraflex is that –the new generation technology that they use is highly suitable for manufacturing the best wires at cheap prices. The brand has come up with many new and unique wire types that can help you save electricity and ensure the electrical safety of your space. Paraflex is a leading brand in India with innovative manufacturing and high end technology usage for better wiring solutions.

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