Wires and Cables Questions Answered By Best Brands of Wires and Cable in India

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The wire and cable industry products have become a staple for us in the current situation. From the entertainment needs to our work, everything needs the presence of electronics, gadgets, and the internet. The transmission of each of these is quite dependent on the cables and wires. Hence in today’s life, it won’t be wrong to address the cables and wires industry as phenomenally important in our lives. Let us have a look at some of the most asked questions about cables and wires, answered by the industry experts:

Q. Which is the Best Fit Cable Size for houses or offices?

When it comes to cable and wire size, experts from the best brands of wires and cables in India say that there are two parameters that need to be considered. The first is the length of the wires and cables and the second is the thickness of the wires and cables (measured in gauge). The factors that shall solely dictate the wire and cable size need will be the end devices that will run through the transmission of this wire which is the requirement of the gadgets and secondly the distance between the primary transiting source and the point of usage.

Q. Aluminum or Copper: Which is the better material for the wires?

Aluminum is the best material to construct wires for long-distance and fast connectivity. It may seem that copper being a better conductor of electricity will be best suited for efficient transmission, but on the contrary, copper is an extremely expensive material and heavy as well. These features cause hindrances in long-distance transmission. Thus aluminum is a better-suited material for long-distance transmission since it is light and comparatively inexpensive.

Q. How to choose the best flexible wires?

Paraflex, one of the best brands of Wires and Cables in India has answered this question lucidly. There are various types of wires and each of them has unique flexibility quotients. Look for the following characteristics to choose the best flexible wires:

  • Solid Core Wire: These wires are mostly used for high voltage transmission. They are not at all flexible at lower gauges. At higher gauges, they are flexible to some extent.
  • Coarsely Stranded Wires: These are moderately flexible. They can be shaped desirably
  • Finely Stranded Wires: They are highly flexible and usually do not presume any hard and fast shape.


Q. Does the color of the wire make a difference?

The process of using different colored wires, especially in the house wiring system is to ensure the safety and easy assemblage of the wires. This is to label the identity of the wires such that they can be easily recognized and assembled by any person.

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