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Power Cables Manufacturers

Paraflex is the recognized brand of Power Cables Manufacturers in India. We are engaged with the team of trained and professional people. We are working on the high grade technology to manufacture this Power Cables.

Today, there are assortments of links accessible in the market. Their names can contrast, yet one thing is basic in practically all, which is their development that incorporates a managing metal, a protection substance, and a sheath. Power Cable is a sort of wire (otherwise called "crossed-connected polyethylene"), which has phenomenal protection and crosslink to interface the particular polymer chains together. Power Cable links have different highlights which make them helpful for Cable protection. A portion of these highlights is astounding adaptability, sturdiness, lightweight and waterproof. The adaptability gives a littler bowing sweep to the Cable. We are driving Lt Cable producers from India.

Power Cables Manufacturers

Power Cables Manufacturers

Benefits of Power cables

Powercable serves different applications in the cutting edge world. In spite of the fact that it has a low softening point, its crosslinking polymers increment the dissolving point. It is simpler to deal with and store with paper or lead protection when contrasted with different links. Paraflex is world's biggest Power Cable manufacturers. Power has amazingly great electrical and physical property that is best for transmission and conveyance of lines. It furnishes better warm and long existence with one of a kind highlights like conveying current under various temperature for a long.

Paraflex is a first class Power Cable producer in India. Our different items are PVC protected Cable, Fire Survival Cable, Submersible level Cable and some more. We are a notable association with an outrageous commitment to standard item conveyance and known as best pvc power links manufacturers.

At Paraflex, we have R&D office to do consistent research and examination to think of cutting edge Cable wires according to the most recent market patterns. For clients' fulfillment, we give brief conveyance of mass requests. Connect for more data.

  • Single core cables up to 1000 sq mm.
  • Multi-core cables up to 400 sq mm.
  • Aluminium or Copper
  • Solid or Stranded
  • Circular
  • Compacted and shaped